Endorsed by professional athletes, A-list actors, and models worldwide, EMS (electro muscle stimulation) is the fastest growing area of the fitness industry. A combination of electro stimulation and traditional training, EMS training elicits muscle contraction using electric impulses that are generated by a wired or wireless connection and passed through the electrodes in a training suit. ZipFit was created to offer a time efficient and high intense workout, no matter how busy your lifestyle is. With continued research into new applications for this technology, ZipFit is looking to pave the way in the EMS revolution in London and beyond. Since opening the first EMS studio in London in 2021, we have been offering the opportunity to stay fit in just a fraction of the time that traditional workouts take.
Logo design and brand identity for ZipFit, a professional fitness studio, and supplement a brand created to inspire the best in people. The aim was To design a professional brand identity with a modern minimalist, and memorable look, targeting motivated people, who are eager to achieve and reach their fitness goals and live a healthy life.

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